“Do you know how do pineapples grow?” Does it grow on tree or out of the ground?
In order to promulgate food and agricultural education, and attempt to solve to labor shortage during the busy farming seasons, Kaohsiung city government started the Happy Farmer program in 2013, which is the first rural experience camp that innovatively integrates the sixth industrialization and rural rejuvenation community. Along with agricultural community and the recreational farms nearby, they together prepare for a program that has community features. The program will not only have a deep guide for the tourist into the community, absorbing fresh air, experiencing picking up fruits, DIY activities, and try local foods, but also have professional local guide to introduce and explain the agricultural knowledge, so that tourists would be able to learn and have fun at the same time. Moreover, tourists could escape from the bustling city life and come to enjoy the downshifting, slow movement of rural life.

The experience camp of “Happy Farmer – one-day rural camp in Kaohsiung” has been driving the community industry since it was launched. Individual community could host their own tourists as well. Till now there are 1,138 camps already, and they brought in 45,214 visitors with economic benefits of 40 millions, and 21 returned youth. Kaohsiung city government will keep supporting rural community to organize fun and various experience camp, and launch programs for foreign individual tourists to enjoy fruit gathering activity. It is aimed to attract more foreigners to visit rural area in Kaohsiung. They would be experience the local’s hospitality, trying local fruits and vegetables, and build of new Blue Ocean in Kaohsiung rural agriculture industry, bring in not only attention but also economic growth.



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